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Hand-made with love
By Tammy Pita
Welcome to Loops Of Warmth LLC.
It is the purpose of Loops of Warmth to custom design and create crochet items for the entire family. We also take great pride in delicately crafting specialized items that we donate to area hospitals.

Greater Purpose
Loops Of Warmth LLC established its foundation around the need of families who have children in hospital care. Tammy once learned of a family member and her preemie twins who had to stay in a hospital for over a month immediately after giving birth. That is the exact situation where a Loops Of Warmth LLC care package of hats, blankets, booties, crochet stuffed animals and other soothing items lets the parents and their family know we want to help in the healing process.  It's the smallest gestures that provide the most powerful impact. 

To support her efforts, Tammy also sells freestyle custom crochet products for those who would like to support her cause and who appreciate the craft.   Shop online here! All proceeds go back into Loops Of Warmth LLC to purchase more yarn and tools needed to create more care packages.  If you would like to suggest a hospital or charity, Loops Of Warmth welcomes your comments.

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