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Our Purpose:
Loops Of Warmth LLC was designed around the thought of families who have children in hospital care. Tammy once learned of a family member who had to stay in a hospital for over a month immediately after giving birth to her preemie twins. This is the type of situation where a Loops Of Warmth LLC care package of hats, blankets, booties, crochet stuffed animals and other soothing items donated to the hospital lets the parents and their family know we want to help in the healing process.  It'€™s sometimes the small gestures that have the most impact. 

To support her efforts, Tammy also custom makes and sells products.  You can  Shop online here! All proceeds go back into Loops Of Warmth LLC to purchase more yarn and tools needed to create even more care packages. If you would like to suggest a hospital or charity, Loops Of Warmth welcomes your comments.​

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Tammy Pita, Owner
About Loops Of Warmth LLC
Happy with my life and all that consumes it. From as far back as I can remember, I've always had the creative flare; with cooking, drawing, cleaning... yes, cleaning takes creativity too. I just didn't know that crochet would be a great outlet for my creative mind. In 2012 I was taught how to crochet for the first time in my life. At first I thought it was an old form of art that I wouldn't care for. And yet, here I am 4 years later loving the craft. At least 98% of my creations are mine... I don't follow patterns... I create what I see in my mind and feel in my heart, and it feels natural. Annually, at least 10% of my creations are donated to area hospitals, shelters and/or rehabilitation centers... just because.

I'm a proud and dedicated mother to Emaly, Rebecca and Raquel. I'm a gitty new grandma to my granddaughter Yulianna. I've been bless for decades to have my husband Jose always encouraging me. I'm a fulltime Marketing professional in corporate America and a part time comedic story teller. I love life and all that it has to offer. 

Loops of Warmth has been a great addition to my family. My children inspire most of my creations. My friends and family challenge my capabilities... It's a wonderful exchange that continues throughout the year. Now it’s your turn; share a little warmth with a friend or family member with a Loops Of Warmth custom creation.
Loops Of Warmth LLC