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Conveyor Chain

GIDI CHAIN LIMITED supply various of large pitch conveyor chains. Conveyor chain is mainly applied in conveyor equipment or conveyor system. It help conveyor system to transport kinds of material.

Conveyor chains are used in
Food processing
Sewage treatment
Timber harvesting
Textile machinery
Car plants
Cement works
Material handling
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Short/Double Pitch Conveyor Chains
1.    BS/DIN Standard Short Pitch Attachment Chains: 08B-24B
2.   BS/DIN Standard Double Pitch Conveyor Chains:C208B-C224BL
3.   ANSI Standard Short Pitch Attachment Roller Chains:40-160
4.   ANSI Double Pitch conveyor Attachment Chains: 2040-2120
5.   ANSI Double Pitch Conveyor Roller Chains: C2040-C2162H
6.   ANSI Double Pitch Conveyor Attachment Chains: C2040-C2122H
7.   BS/DIN and ANSI Short Pitch Hollow Pin Chains: 08BHP-12BHP,40HP-80HP
8.   ANSI Double Pitch Hollow Pin Chains: C2040HP-C2080HP,C2042HP-C2082HP
9.   ISO/BS/DIN Large Pitch Hollow Pin Chains:MC,BS,FVT Series
10.   Made-to-Order Hollow Pin Chains: 260 & 262
11.   Side Bow Chains (Special Curved Chains): 08BSB-10BSB,35SB-80SB
12.   Free Flow Conveyor Chains: Double plus chain,Triple speed chain and Accumulator chain
13.   Side Roller Conveyor Chains: 40PST-100PST,C2040PSR-C2100HPSR
14.   Top Roller Conveyor Chains: 40TR-100TR,C2040TR-C2100TR

Large Pitch Conveyor Chains (Long Pitch Engineering Class Conveyor Chains)
1.    ISO Standard Solid Pin Conveyor Chains (ISO 1977): M,MT
2.    ISO Standard Hollow Pin Conveyor Chains (ISO 1977): MC,MCT
3.    BS Standard Metric Series Solid Pin Conveyor Chains (BS 4116): E,ET
4.    BS Standard Metric Series Hollow Pin Conveyor Chains (BS 4116):EC,ECT
5.    BS Standard Imperial Series Solid Pin Conveyor Chains (BS 4116): Z,ZT
6.    BS Standard Imperial Series Hollow Pin Conveyor Chains (BS 4116): ZC,ZCT
7.    DIN Standard Conveyor Chains (DIN 8167 and DIN 8168): FV,FVH,FVT
8.    ANSI Standard Plain Conveyor Chain (ANSI B29.15): 0703-2430
9.    Standard Bucket Elevator Chains: DT150-DT250
10.    Bearing Bush Conveyor Chains
11.    Bearing Roller Conveyor Chains

Conveyor chains, are widely used for conveyor system. The most important feature for the conveyor chain is large and heavy. We are a professional conveyor chain manufacturer. And especially in large pitch conveyor chain,we have high technology to satisfy customers’ demand.