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Loops Of Warmth Photo's
Here are some of our latest creations.
Soft Alpaca white and cream-brown $25 Teen/Adult
Vintage child hat $20  14.25" cir
black hat red white and blue flower $18
Red black sequence flower $24 Teen/Adult
Red saggy hat $24 Teen/Adult
Sexy Shimmer $18  Teen/Adult
PinkFitted with brown and pink flower $15  13" cir
Childs backpack for ages 2-4 yrs old.  $18
Snowman childs backpack for ages 2-4 yrs old.  $18
Naranja hat $20 Teen
Boy Bear $35.00
Little green man hat $12
Sage blanket and hat set $95.00 blanket measures 30x44"
Brown Red shimmer saggy hat
Electric Blue with flower saggy hat
Heavy Brim Hat
blue boy delight
Multi color Fun
Paprika saggy hat
100% Wool multi shades of orange hat
Forest Floor and Persimmon hat and scarf set
Silky Angora bow and Grey Baby Alpaca hat
Cami hat and scarf set
black and silver hat and scarf set
Fire Engine Red Hat with Huge Blooming Black Flower
Clutch purse
Baby cocoon
Baby sling
Pull over halter top for a child up to 6 years old.
Haltert sweater for baby girl.  16" cir
Dress and purse set for young girl
Brown and cream bag
Soft Golden clutch
Hand bag
Purple hand bag (wrap around)
Burnt Orange hand bag
Beach bags
Take along child's pillow
Message from Tammy 
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