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About the industrial chain!

2020-10-13 14:58:56

Industrial chain:

The chain is a flexible component composed of adjacent identical or opposite identical parts. All machines, mechanisms and chains used on machines are called industrial chains. A closed chain and two sprockets constitute a mechanism to realize a transmission chain transmission.

Compared with gear drive and belt drive, this transmission has the following characteristics:

(1) Multi tooth bearing, safe and reliable;

(2) Flexible transmission to absorb shock and vibration;

(3) The range of center distance is large, and the requirements of manufacturing and installation accuracy are low;

(4) Compared with belt transmission, the transmission ratio is accurate and the transmission efficiency is higher, which is suitable for the harsh environment of high temperature, dust and humidity.

2. Manufacturing

After the combination of mechanism and heat treatment process, the chain is transformed into material, formed by stamping, strengthened by heat treatment, and formed by assembly (or welding). At present, most domestic enterprises use special machines, automatic lines or production lines for processing and manufacturing. Some enterprises also add nondestructive testing to key processes.

3. Purpose

Chain is a basic part of machinery, which is widely used in agricultural machinery, transportation, textile industry, metallurgy, mining machinery and instrument industry.

4. Main production plants and export to countries and regions

There are hundreds of export chain manufacturing enterprises in China, and Jiangsu and Zhejiang are more concentrated.

5. Type of chain

There are many kinds of industrial chain, which can be divided into four categories according to their uses: transmission chain, conveyor chain, drag chain and special chain.

The most widely used varieties are as follows:

(1) Precision roller chain and sleeve chain are used for transmission, roller chain and sleeve chain are used for transmission, long pitch roller chain is used for transmission, heavy-duty bending roller chain is used for transmission, and transmission chain of oil drilling rig is used;

(2) Tooth shaped transmission chain;

(3) Casting and stamping hook chain;

(4) Roller chain for conveying, long pitch roller chain for conveying, flat top chain for conveying, solid pin and hollow pin conveyor chain, and conveyor chain with accessories;

(5) Die forging and stamping detachable chain (suspension conveyor chain);

(6) Lifting plate chain, ring chain;

(7) Corrosion resistant stainless steel chain, plastic chain, powder metallurgy chain;

(8) Continuously variable transmission chain;

(9) The industrial chain of antiskid chain should be strictly in accordance with the standard. To ensure the quality and safety of the chain!!!

Zhuji GIDI Chain Transmission CO.,Ltd.(GIDI CHAIN LIMITED) supply lots of roller chain, conveyor chain, Leaf Chain, welded chain, forged chain, Palm Oil Mill Chain, Hoisting Chain,Mine and Metallurgy Chain, etc. totaling over 3000 varieties. and 90% of chains are exported to worldwide, Which mainly export to Southeast Asia, European,  North America, South America. Chains are welcomed by customers with the excellent quality. Our company owns more than 100 sets of advanced and professional manufacturing equipment, Perfect and rigorous QC system is implemented in every process from material purchasing to finished products packaging. Also,  we have passed the ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification.

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