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How to carry out trial operation and maintenance of transmission chain?

2020-12-10 16:17:27

When we install the transmission chain, we can not use it immediately. Before the formal operation, we need to have a trial operation step, and we also need to do a good job of inspection during the trial operation. Do you know how to carry out commissioning and maintenance?

1. Before the trial operation, it is necessary to do a good job of checking the general manager. The inspection contents are as follows:

1) Whether the circlip and cotter pin of the connecting part are installed correctly

(2) Is the relaxation appropriate

(3) Whether the lubricating oil is added correctly or not

(4) Does the chain collide with the shell and cover

2. During commissioning, attention should be paid to:

(1) There is no abnormal noise during operation

(2) There is no obvious vibration

(3) The drive chain does not jam on the sprocket

(4) The key bar will not be drawn into the sprocket

(5) Determine whether the guide rail and sprocket are well installed

(6) Is the roller rotating smoothly

(7) The oil stain of the chain is bent or cannot be stretched

When the transmission chain is installed, it is necessary to break in the chain and add appropriate lubricating oil.

At the beginning of formal use, there is a running in period, and the breaking time needs to be checked frequently.

1. Is there abnormal wear of the chain

2. Is the chain loose

3. Is the chain moving well

4. Whether the sprocket has abnormal wear and center shaking.

5. Whether the guide rail has excessive wear.

6. Is the lubrication condition good

In the process of use, abnormal wear and bayonet of transmission chain should be noted:

1 is there overload and chain stuck by foreign matters

2 the chain has a reverse problem on the return side

3. The lubrication effect is not good, even no lubrication

4 sprocket is seriously worn

5. The drive chain has some nonstandard wear and fracture.

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