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How to judge the model and specification of the conveyor chain?

2021-04-12 15:16:24

Conveyor chain is suitable for baking paint, metal coating, production assembly lines in factories, such as furniture factories, painting equipment factories, spraying factories, electronics factories, electroplating factories, hardware factories, cowhide products factories, etc. Features: no need to build expensive The equipment can increase the output, occupy very little space, and can make the most economical space design according to the situation above the working area.

Refer to the following points for effective judgment of chain specifications and models:

1. Measure the pitch of the chain and the distance between the two pin shafts

2. The width of the inner section, which is related to the thickness of the sprocket

3. The thickness of the chain plate in order to know whether it is a reinforced type

4. The outer diameter of the rollers, some of the conveyor chains use large rollers

Generally speaking, the above four data can already analyze the model of the chain. There are two types of chains in the A series and B series. It should be noted that the outer diameter of the rollers with the same pitch is different.


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