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How to judge the quality of industrial conveyor chain?

2020-11-06 14:59:19

As the name suggests, the industrial transportation chain is specially designed for industrial transportation. It is mainly installed in various types of industrial transportation equipment. When we purchase such products, how do we judge the quality? Many friends don't know how to judge when they buy. In fact, we can start from three aspects. What are the following three aspects

1. Observe the appearance of the product

Carefully observe whether each segment of the industrial conveyor chain has deformation, and check whether the surface has cracks, rust and other problems, whether the surface is smooth and delicate. Check whether the roller part, pin part and joint number part of the chain can be used normally, whether the chain makes abnormal noise and whether there is abnormal vibration.

2. Is the product length accurate

We know that the center distance between two chain wheels is determined by measuring the center distance of the two chain wheels. Generally, the center distance error of the chain with good quality should not be too large, and the degree of accuracy between the two is high.

3. Measure the extension length of chain

 There is a gap problem in the use of industrial conveyor chain, so we can measure its extension length by applying a certain pulling tension. In the measurement, in order to reduce the error, it is necessary to stop the measurement at the appropriate position, and then extend it to the extreme state.

A high-quality industrial conveyor chain can not only meet the requirements of industrial transportation, but also be durable and long service life. In order to ensure that the purchased industrial conveyor chain has good use effect, we can judge its quality according to the above three aspects.