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Industrial chain should not only pay attention to slack, but also pay attention to lubrication

2021-01-09 10:13:30

Our chain in the long-term use, excessive wear and tear will become lax or even disjointed, so how to prevent such problems?

First of all, we should improve the tension of the chain in order to prevent the wear and disjoint of the chain. In order to reduce the wear and tightness, we can choose the chain with better quality, so as to improve the machining accuracy and working surface hardness of the gear.

Secondly, when the chain is installed, it should be parallel to the chain axis, and correct correction, which can effectively reduce the wear of the chain, otherwise it will lower the deviation between the chain and the chain axis, which will aggravate the wear of the chain. We improve the tightness of the chain. We can change two thousand gold screws into four. This will make the operation easier and improve the safety of the chain operation.

The liquid oil substance used in chain lubrication has the functions of lubrication, antirust, waterproof and antifriction for industrial chain. According to the base oil, additives and production process, they are divided into two categories: industrial grade and food grade. Chain oil is an industrial lubricant. It is used for lubrication and rust prevention of various industrial chains, reducing friction and wear, improving transmission efficiency and prolonging chain life. Chain oil is composed of base oil and additives

1. Mineral oil chain oil. Base oil is mineral oil, which is mainly used under normal working conditions.

2. Synthetic oil chain oil, composed of synthetic oil base oil (such as PAG, Pao and ester base oil), is mainly used in high temperature and other working environments.

3. Bio based chain oil is mainly composed of renewable vegetable oil base oil. Due to the development of technology, the performance of vegetable oil and lubricating oil has been greatly improved, and some products have reached the performance level of synthetic oil. Because of their degradability and low toxicity, these chain oils are commonly used in sensitive areas such as water sources, wetlands and food processing plants. According to the use of the environment is also divided into different chain oil. For example, high temperature chain oil is used in industrial chain with higher working temperature, and food grade chain oil is used in food processing industry. The environment sensitive area is degradable chain oil.

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