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Reasons for the rust of the roller chain

2021-03-29 10:05:17

One of the most overlooked but very important parts of a crane is the lifting chain. After the equipment is used for a long time, the components will age or gradually fail, and the lifting chain will also age. A common phenomenon is chain corrosion. In addition to time, what other reasons can cause similar problems with roller chains?


1. The lifting of the chain is formed because there is no anti-rust treatment


During the production process of the chain hoist, the operator did not strictly follow the production requirements for anti-rust treatment. At the same time, they did not use anti-rust packaging. Once they come into contact with the gas behind the corrosive liquid, they will rust.


2. The corrosion of the roller chain is caused by the quality of the anti-rust oil


Even if the lifting chain uses anti-rust lubricants and clean flammable products, if the product quality does not meet the technical requirements, it will spoil the operation and cause corrosion. Hanging chain.


3. The corrosion of the roller chain is related to the chain material


In order to reduce the production cost of the chain hoist, some manufacturers choose unqualified materials, such as the high content of non-metallic impurities in steel, which reduces the corrosion resistance of the formed chain itself, leading to similar shortcomings.


4. The corrosion of the roller chain is related to the working environment.


When the roller chain is operated in a harsh environment for a long time, it will be considered that the content of harmful substances is too high or the space is too small to prevent rust, and then the lifting chain will fail and have a negative impact.


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