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What should be paid attention to when using drive chain?

2020-12-02 14:22:31

The transmission chain has the advantages of low wear, high precision, stable operation and long service life. It is an ideal power transmission equipment in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. When we use the transmission chain, what matters need to pay attention to?

GIDI chain technicians said: in the process of using the drive chain, the following matters should be noted:


Because many transmission chains need to be exposed to the air for a long time, it is inevitable to accumulate oil dirt, dust and impurities after a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to clean them regularly during normal use.


When cleaning, if only local cleaning, you can not remove the chain, but if the chain is dirty, you need to thoroughly clean, you need to remove the whole chain, and then put it into the cleaning agent to soak and clean. The cleaned drive chain needs key bar lubricating oil to install and use.


Add lubricating oil to the transmission chain regularly. If it is found that the surface of the chain is brown or dark brown in use, it is usually due to insufficient oil supply. It is recommended to select special lubricating oil when adding lubricating oil. Choose the oil with better quality and higher viscosity.


When the transmission chain is damaged or seriously worn and needs to be replaced again, pay attention to the packaging form of the product. At present, there are two main packaging forms: wax sealed and pre lubricated.


Wax sealed drive chain needs to remove wax before use, and use it after cleaning chain, while pre lubricated drive chain can be directly used after opening the package.


During installation, the front, rear axle and rear suspension shaft should be in a straight line. Pay attention that the chain installation should not be too tight or too loose. Too tight or too loose will affect the use.

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