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During this 4 days, we met customers and potential customers.And talked our product and cooperation. They trust our chain quality and like new type chain.

Palm Oil Mill Chain

Mar 15, 2019
Indonesia,Malysia,Thailand these three countries are main coutry which produce palm oil. And the palm oil factory needs palm oil chain for the equipment.
Roller chain has been produced from high quality materials (both plastics and steels) using the latest manufacturing procedures. These factors combine to produce superior quality roller chain that o…

Car Parking Chain

Mar 15, 2019
City become more and more crowded.It is very difficult to park car in the city. Now many cities build mechanical parking system for car parking.And the car parking chain take an important part in th…
GIDI CHAIN LIMITED mainly supply OEM chain for famous chain suppliers and customers. But we also sell our own brand GIDI chain to some end-users.
Chain and sprocket are widely used in many engineer projects.It is matched to use,so some customers will purchase the chain and sprocket together some times.
12 years focusing in Conveyor Chains ,focus on manufacturing conveyor chains
With the development of economy, environmental protection become more and more important.So the sewage disposal plant and water treatment project is very common.

Special Chain Corner

Mar 15, 2019
GIDI CHAIN LIMITED produce high quality special chains. The chain pitch is usually larger than 100mm.
From the center of each roller of a new chain to the center of the next is precisely 1/2" (12.7 mm). This dimension is known as the "pitch" of the chain.
GIDI CHAIN LIMITED attended in Shanghai PTC exhibition from 2017.10.31 to 2017.11.03. Our special chains are welcomed with the worldwide customers.And we reached many cooperation for the conveyor ch…
Lifting chain is also called the lifting sling or lifting short chain. It is consist of short link chain which welded by round steel.
There are many kinds of chains. According to their detail functions, chains could be divided into two types, they are transmission chains and conveyor chains.
Conveyor chain is the most common chain in industrial chains. From the line to the food industry, conveyor chain is in everywhere.
There are various species of industrial chains. With their application, they could be divided into four types.
Double pitch stainless steel chain is made of stainless steel. This chains are mostly used in food industry.
Automatic bottle washing machine is satisfy with cleaning effect by multiple lotion soaking and injection.
Generally speaking, leaf chain is also called conveying plate chain. This chain is used for connect two solid and rotate between them.
Motorcycle chain can be divided into two types. They are used for different positions. Some are used in the engine, some are used outside the engine.
Chain coupling is regarded as a kind of common tool. Roller chain is also own coupling. I has simple structure. When you assembly or disassembly the roller chain coupling, you will find it is very e…
There are many processes in making high tensile chain. Such as shot, squeeze holes.
Stainless steel chain is a common device for transmission. In fact, stainless steel chain needs proper maintenance.